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Category: How do I paint on different types of surfaces?

Question: How do I prepare and paint on stepping stones and cement?

Answer: If it's a small area or a stepping stone, base coat it with gesso. Gesso has sand in it so make sure you stir it well. It helps to fill in the nooks and crannies of the cement. You can also you Mod Podge Outdoor.

Either way, either sponge or use a foam brush to basecoat the area. Since the cement is rough, it can really ruin your brushes easily. By using a sponge or foam brush, you help keep your brushes in good shape. The base coat helps to add a smooth layer for your regular brushes.

When you've completed your design, seal the top, sides and bottom WELL - 4 or 5 coats of an OUTDOOR varnish. Don't skimp. Cement is porous and will soak moisture if you leave any area for it to sneak through!


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