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Category: How do I paint on different types of surfaces?

Question: How do I paint on metal?

Answer: When you paint on metal, you have several options.

Acrylic Paint
If you are using acrylic paint – Folk Art, Americana, Ceramcoat, etc. – to paint your design, you have several options as to how you prepare your surface. Chose one of the methods below and then paint your design as usual.
1. Use Delta brand Metal Primer. Brush it on to your clean surface. Allow to dry thoroughly. One positive aspect of this primer is that it is CLEAR so you can keep the color of your metal intact.
2. Use a metal primer that can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes. These are usually sprays and usually comes in colors – white, black, etc. A draw-back of this primer is that it will change the color of your metal surface.
3. Use fine grit sandpaper and LIGHTLY sand the surface – primarily where the design will be painted. Be sure to use a damp paper towel to remove any residue from the sanding.
4. Using a MATTE spray, wipe-on or brush-on varnish, apply a coat to the surface to be painted. Let dry thoroughly before beginning to paint.
5. Use JW etc. Under Cover. This is a WHITE base coat but is perfect for old or refurbished items like those found in Grandma’s Attic.
Regardless of what you decide, make sure you clean your surface well. First clean with soapy water then rinse and dry thoroughly. Next, use vinegar and water to remove any remaining grime.

Now, you are ready to paint your design. When complete, varnish or seal your project as you normally would.

DecoArt Metal Paints
Usually, this paint requires no additional surface preparation and no varnish. If you are painting on surfaces such as brass, chrome, pre-coated items or rusted metal surfaces, use steel wool or fine grit sandpaper prior to painting. If you are painting on rusted metal, a clear coat of Metal Paint can be used to ensure the rust does not get mixed with your paint. Additionally, this is an INDOOR/OUTDOOR paint!

PermEnamel Metal Primer
PermEnamel Metal Primer protects metal surfaces and prepares it for painting. It is made to be used with PermEnamel Paint ONLY to ensure proper adhesion to the surface. First, apply a coat of PermEnamel Surface Conditioner and allow to dry. Next, apply two coats of the Metal Primer. Let dry between coats and before painting your design with PermEnamel Paint.


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