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Category: How do I paint on different types of surfaces?

Question: How do I paint on glass?


Painting on glass is fun and VERY forgiving! If you make a mistake or are unhappy with the results, you can easily wipe off the area and start again! So, what’s the secret to being successful? Here are a few handy hints:

1. First, make sure you start with clean hands. Why, you ask? The answer is simple. If you hands are not thoroughly clean, you can transfer the natural oils and soil to the surface of the glass. If this happens, the paint will not adhere properly. So, start out by washing your hands and DO NOT use hand cream! Many people actually wear white, manicure gloves when they paint on glass so they can handle the surface without worry.

2. Next, wash the glass piece with soap and water and rinse and dry thoroughly. Follow this by wiping down with alcohol to make sure your surface is squeaky clean.

3. Make sure there is no water in your brush. Most glass paints will not adhere properly to the surface if it is mixed with water.

4. Fill your brush completely with paint. Make sure the brush has ample paint.

5. Paint your design by laying the paint on in gentle strokes, but not too thick. If you press too hard, you will get not only streaks but also the coverage will be sheer.

6. Make sure you follow the manufacturers recommendations on the bottle. Some glass paints can be baked in the oven to make it more durable others cannot.

7. Plus, be sure if there are multiple steps to the glass paint – for example in the case of Delta’s Perm Enamel – you do EACH step. Step 1 is VERY important to insure the paint – Step 2 – adheres to the glass. Just because it SMELLS like alcohol does not mean you can substitute plain alcohol for this step. The active ingredient in Step 1 is so concentrated that it needs to be dissolved in alcohol to make it useable.

8. Lastly, if the glass item is not baked, each brand of paint cures in varying amounts of time. So, once again, check.


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