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Category: How do I paint on different types of surfaces?

Question: How do I paint on Formica?


First scrub with the surface with a TSP solution. This will clean and degloss the surface. Let this dry well.

Prime the surface with Kilz or Binn (water based). Now apply your paint in as many coats as necessary to give the coverage you're looking for. Again allow to dry thoroughly. Finally, use a non-yellowing water resistant varnish. Apply in one direction. If it's a bit rough, sand GENTLY with a wet-dry sandpaper, a bit of water and a drop of liquid dish soap. Wipe well and apply several more coats of varnish. It is helpful to apply each additional coat of varnish in opposite directions so you can be sure you've covered the entire surface without missing any spots.

Alternatively, you can use a product called Cabinet Coat by Insl-X. There are other products that are similar so check Home Depot, Lowes or your local paint store. You can apply directly to your surface without sanding and it needs no sealing. I've used it on a wall unit that my dad-in-law built 65 years ago. It was painted with oil based paint. I applied the Cabinet Coat directly to the oil paint. Gave it 2-3 coats and its terrific!


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