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Category: How do I paint on different types of surfaces?

Question: How do I paint on dry erase boards and blackboards?

Answer: Painting on dry and erase boards and blackboards are very similar.

1. First, clean the surface well by wiping it down with alcohol. Allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Next, if you are using a pattern, transfer it to the surface. Chaco Paper is excellent for this task. It comes in white and blue. Plus, it is water soluble and is easily removed from the surface.

3. At this point, paint your design. You can use either your favorite brand of acrylic paint or Plaid’s FolkArt Enamels.

4. Many times, particularly when painting on a blackboard, you might need to basecoat the items in the design with white. In the case of the blackboard, the surface is so dark that laying down a basecoat first helps to eliminate the need of multiple coats of color when painting your pattern. When painting on a dry erase board, the surface is slick and the first coat of paint can be sheer. If you base in the elements of your design, you can avoid having to apply many coats of paint as you are painting.

5. If you used acrylic paints, you will need to seal the design. Apply your favorite varnish to JUST the elements of your design. Extend the varnish an 1/8” past the design so the you are sealing the edges as well. If you used the FolkArt Enamels, just let the paint cure and you are done!


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