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Category: How do I paint on different types of surfaces?

Question: How do I paint candles?

Answer: Painting on Candles

1. First, you need to purchase a candle or use one you already have. If you ARE buying one, unscented, white candles are the best. As a matter of fact, those that you get at the Dollar Store usually give the best results. Why? Inexpensive candles – particularly those that are white and unscented – have the least amount of essential oils which hinder the adhesion of the paint.

2. Next, wipe the surface of your candle with either a lint free cloth or old nylon stockings and rubbing alcohol. This will clean the surface oils off your candle and prepare the candle for painting. It will roughen the surface (give it ‘tooth’) to allow the paint to adhere. Let dry completely.

3. At this point, there a several products available – Plaid’s Glass and Tile Medium, DecoArt’s Candle Medium and Delta Candle & Soap Painting Medium and Final Coat.

4. If you are using Plaid’s Glass and Tile Medium, either put a coat of the medium on the entire candle or just the area to be painted. Allow to dry 24 hours. Now, using FolkArt Acrylic Paints, paint your design. Again, allow to dry for 24 hours. To finish, apply 2 coats of Glass and Tile Medium.

5. For Americana’s Candle Painting Medium, mix 1:1 with Americana Acrylics paints (or any other Americana paint). Apply the mixture to the candle. DO NOT use Candle Painting Medium as a varnish or topcoat.

6. To use Final Coat when painting candles, apply 1 coat to the surface. Allow the candle to dry completely. Paint your project with your acrylic paints as usual. Once it is dry, gently wipe 3-4 coats of Final Coat on the entire candle. If you notice that the paint is ‘lifting’, apply the first coat of Final Coat with a sponge and a gentle ‘patting’ motion. Allow this coat to dry and apply the remaining coats.


• Paint candle only to top edge, not up to, but NOT including, the wick.
• In order to preserve your painted design, allow candle to burn down 1" to 2", then place tea-lite or votive candle in crater.


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