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Category: Getting Started!

Question: How do I convert FolkArt™ paint to another brand?

Answer: There a few ways to convert a specific color of FolkArt™ paint to another brand.

One way is to go to the website that manufactures the specific paint to which you are converting. For example, if you were converting a FolkArt™ color to Americana™ by DecoArt, you would go to If, instead, you were converting the color to Ceramcoat™ by Delta, you would got to Look under Tips & Techniques and there will be conversion chart of most of the popular brands.

Another way is to purchase the Betty Byrd Conversion Book. This book is listed by paint brand and shows the conversion to many of the popular brands.

Lastly, you can purchase software that will run on your computer that will allow you to specify a paint name and brand and then select the brand to which it should be converted.


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