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Category: Getting Started!

Question: How can I base coat Terra Cotta?

Answer: How do I base coat terra cotta?

Terra cotta pots are VERY porous. If you apply paint directly to the terra cotta, the surface will absorb or ‘suck up’ the paint very quickly. You may need two or three coats of paint to get good coverage – depending on the brand of paint that you use.

Alternatively, you can seal the terra cotta first. This can be done with a variety of products. Here are just some that are available:
1. All Purpose Sealer
2. Clay Pot Sealer
3. Gesso
4. Indoor/Outdoor Mod Podge

When painting your pots, you might find the wet paint on the pot will adhere to the surface you put it down on while drying. To alleviate this problem, here are some suggestions.
1. Paint the pot in two steps. Paint the bottom of the pot (below the rim) first. Invert the pot and set it down to dry. Next, paint the rim of the pot. This will prevent wet paint from sticking when you put it down.
2. Reynolds Wrap™ makes a great NON-STICK foil. When you place something that’s wet on it, it will not stick! Unlike newspaper, when you lift your terra cotta pot, you won’t have little bits of paper or foil stuck to it!
3. After painting the terra cotta pot, invert it and ‘hang’ it from a dowel, broom stick or anything else that can support the weight. Inverted tomato cages are great when used to hold one or several pots!


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