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Category: Getting ready to paint.

Question: How do I prepare wood for painting?

Answer: Prepping Wood

A great and fast way to prepare and basecoat wood is to use a wood sealer and color all in one!

1. Use JW etc White Lightning. It gives the wood a wonderful white wash effect. After applying, you can sand lightly and begin painting your design. White Lighting is tint-able as well. You can add your favorite brand of acrylic paint in whatever color you chose. Add as much or as little color as you like!
2. If White Lightning is not available to you locally, a terrific substitute is mixing white flat paint with satin varnish and water in a 1:1:1/4 ratio. So, if you use 1 quart of paint, add 1 quart of varnish and ľ cup of water. Use as you would White Lightning. Itís tint-able too!
3. Mix your base color with wood sealer in a ration of 1:1.
Regardless of which method you decide, sand the wood of application as necessary.


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