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Category: Getting ready to paint.

Question: How do I copy a pattern?

Answer: Copying Patterns

If you are going to use a pattern, there are several ways to keep your original intact.

1. Make a copy of your pattern by either tracing over the lines by hand or by using a copy machine. 2. Scan the pattern into your computer and then print it out. One advantage to this method is you then have the ability to RESIZE it easily – making it larger or smaller. The pattern can be printed out on tracing paper or vellum. Vellum is more durable than tracing paper and will allow you to retrace your pattern many times without ruining your “original” copy.
3. Either trace or print the pattern onto transparencies (acetates). These are very durable and can be used over and over again. Plus, they are completely transparent so you can see your surface through the sheet. If you need to retrace any lines of the pattern, you can easily see how to reposition your it.

Note: There are several different types of transparencies. If you will be tracing your pattern by hand onto the transparency, use the ones that you can WRITE ON. These are less expensive than the ones that can be printed on. If you will be printing the pattern from your computer, buy the type of transparency that is appropriate to YOUR type of printer – inkjet or laser. Remember, there is a considerable difference in price amongst the types of transparencies!

Regardless of which method you decide, label your pattern copy well and put it in a safe place for future use.


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