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Category: What can I expect at ONE Stroke™ Certification?

Question: What should I bring to certification?

Answer: Here’s a list of items to get you started:

1. A SWEATER!!! Since most of the places where the certifications are held are meeting rooms, they are usually many rooms where the partitions are opened to make one large room. So, the air can get cold then warm, etc. Then, you’ll have those that want it cold and others that want it warm. So, the temperature goes up and down in the room. So, if you dress in layers and make sure you bring a sweatshirt or sweater, you should be fine.

2. The large ONE Stroke™ basin. I also had a small jar of water to rinse your brushes in first before going into the main basin. Also, in the jar, pour a LITTLE rubbing alcohol. It helps clean your brush without any of the suds soap would give. You will have MANY breaks. You can leave if you need to before the break but you'll be afraid you'll miss something - don't be!

3. Q-tips. Just for small boo-boos. Don't need a ton of these.

4. Extra baby wipes. They give you a packet of DD's wipes and don't have any for sale. But, keep in mind; you only need it for the first 2 days. On the testing day, you will be painting on Bristol board and wipes won't work at all. Baby wipes have alcohol in them and that's what makes them work so well at getting off the paint. The cheaper the baby wipes, the higher the alcohol content. The ones you find at the Dollar Store are usually. So, if your wipes contain alcohol, they should be fine.

5. Alcohol for your basin.

6. Disposable palette paper. It’s great to do a lot of practicing on that. They don't supply it at all.

7. You won't need plates. They have tons of that.

8. Paper towels. Bring a roll or two. They'll tell you they're only giving you one roll and it has to last the entire time. BUT, on test day, there's extra towels for you.

9. All the paint and floating medium is supplied. You won't need to bring any. There's also extra for the day of the test.

10. Small carry bag to tote your paints, paper towels, RTGs, etc. Don’t bring anything TOO big. You won't need it plus you have to keep it under your table and out of the aisles so the OSCIs monitoring don't trip. You, usually, can't leave your things in the classroom overnight.

11. Money or credit cards. They will have LOTS of merchandise for you to buy at wholesale. They will also have many things that may not be in the stores yet. So, if you you're going to buy Merchandise, you’ll need extra cash or your credit card.

12. Spray sealer. The surfaces that you'll be painting on are usually VERY slippery. So, if you like how yours comes out, you might want to spray it before leaving the room. Many times the paint scrape off just going from the classroom to the hotel room!

Summary One of the important things to know about certification is that they WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! EVERYONE does their best to make sure you 'get it' before the test day.

The first day, you'll be tested on the ivy in the evening. They will mark the board that evening or the next morning. The next day you'll be tested on the fruit. This, of course, is after you've spent much time learning/practicing the elements.

On test day, you'll come into the room and at every seat is a closed envelope with your test boards. You can practice DIRECTLY on the test RTGS before going to your Bristol board. If you make a mistake, there are additional Bristol boards for you to take. You will DEFINITELY need your floating medium. It seems that everyone gets one complicated test board and one less complicated.

If you want to know what to practice before the day - not sure you even should practice - here's a list:

1. Ivy
2. Apple, pear, plums
3. Roses - if you can get DD's new rose video, that's the one you'll be tested on. If not, don't worry. Just practice it and you might have to tweak it when they teach it in class.
4. Sunflower
5. OS leaves, wiggles leaves, sunflower leaf, slide leaf.
6. Bird house
7. Filler flowers
8. Scruffy grass
9. Vines

Just remember, it's really a FUN experience. The friends you'll meet will last a lifetime. For some odd reason, it's a collection of great people in one place! Don't know many times/places that happens in life.

Try not to be stressed. THEY WANT YOU TO PASS!!!!


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